Quarantine Activities

This page will consist of recipes, exercise pictures, and/or videos that the Blue Dolphins Swim Team has provided during this unprecedented time. If you have anything to add to this page, please email Coach Maxwell (familymaxwell4@yahoo.com).

Week #1 Challenge (Most Sit-ups in 1 minute)

Week #2 Challenge (Longest Plank)

**Photos Below: Hagedorn Family doing planks, including a friend for Gentry & David Beasley performing another plank**


Week #3 Challenge (Longest Wall Sit)

Week #4 Challenge (Most Steps Running in Place in 2 Minutes)

Steps Challenge Winners: Seniors: Brooke Colachico (390 steps) | Age: Cash Hagedorn (270 steps)

**Photos Below: Stork Family doing "Barn Yard Animal" Workouts (Bunny Curls & Goat Squats)**


Week #5 Challenge (Most Long Leg Kicks in 2 Minutes)

Week #6 Challenge (Most Mountain Climbers in 3 Minutes, 2 Minutes, & 1 Minute)

Mountain Climber Challenge Winner: Seth Allhiser (240 mountain climbers)

Week #7 Challenge (Quickest to 1,000 Steps)

Quickest to 1,000 Steps Challenge Winners: Seniors: Sydney Alamein & Seth Allhiser | Novice: Addley Condron

Week #8 Challenge (Most Side-to-Side Jumps Over a Line in 3 Minutes, 2 Minutes, & 1 Minute)

Quickest to 1,000 Steps Challenge Winners: TBA